Telecommunication Services

• Access Network Designing, Implimentation & Commissioning

  • Requirement gathering.
  • Network architecture design.
  • High level and low level design.
  • Service planning.
  • Traffic engineering for services.
  • Equipment installation Indoor/outdoor and Commissioning Services.


• Fibre & Microwave Transmission Designing, Implimentation & Commissioning

  • Microwave / Optics Fibre Transmission / SDH / DWDM, Transmission site survey, Reporting and DWDM N.E designing.
  • Installation / Commissioning of Wireless LANs / WANs / High Capacity Microwave.


• Installation & Commissioning of Core Network

  • Equipment installation and Commissioning Services (MSC,BSC,Satellite hubs, ect..)


• Energy efficiency solutions with Implimentation & Commissioning

  • Requirement gathering & designing cost effective Energy efficiency solutions for base station sites.
  • Supplying, installation, commissioning and maintain the equipment’s. Such as Free Coolers, Battery Banks, Voltage Regulators, Solar and Wind Power systems.


• Telecommunication Maintenance Service Contracts

  • Operation and Maintenance services in telecom remote and hub base stations includes Microwave and Fibre networks, Cellular BS, Power systems, Energy solution systems & Civil areas.


• Network infrastructure surveys & Asset verifications

  • Network Audits such as Microwave, Fibre networks, Access & Core base stations.
  • Asset tagines, verifications on telecom base stations.


• Field Surveys and Drive Tests

  • Site acquisitions, Surveys, Site searching, Negotiations & Department approvals.
  • Drive test reports to check network accuracy and quality standards.


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Our main objective is providing local and international telecommunication services for Telecommunication industry infrastructure development.

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