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Ausnet Engineering Services Pty Ltd is registered company in Australia since 2014 and the company has subsidiary in Myanmar as Ausnet Myanmar and sister company in Sri Lanka as Net Lanka Engineering Pvt Ltd.


All the group of companies work for same scope in Telecom Industry and Sri Lanka company and the Myanmar Subsidiary is well functioning in the above scope.


Current revenue is derived from long term consultingand managing contracts, products and services sales to network service providers, mobile service providers and Government network owners as well as Operators.


Ausnet’s market place is focused in the carrier grade business environment, including service providers, government, serving as a managed services solutions and consulting company, as well as a provider of hardware and software systems of the telecommunications service provider companies.

Ausnet is founded on professionalism, simplicity and commitment. We offer a broad range of competencies that ensure that you, as our customer, get what you need.

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Our main objective is providing local and international telecommunication services for Telecommunication industry infrastructure development.

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