Hunter is Sweden manufactured product ranging from AC-DC Power Modules with Distribution panels and Rectifiers, Outdoor Power Cabinets, MDF Cabinets, Fiber Optic Cross Cabinets, Pole Cabinets, Street Cabinets, 48V DC HEX Free Cooling, 48V DC Free-Cooling with inbuilt Air-Conditioner compressor, DC 48 V Hybrid Battery, DC Cooled Cabinets for batteries, power and telecommunication.

  • 48 V DC Wind Turbine solution
  • PV Solar panels, iTracer series MPPT Solar charge controller with load control solutions



Hummer, Ltd., which is one of the famous high and new tech enterprises in the field of wind turbine generator industry in China,   specialized in researching, developing, manufacturing of medium-scale, small-scale Wind Turbine Generator System(WTGS) and services.

  • Up to 200kW wind turbine solutions


Vikinor Energy and Cooling Products

Vikinor is a manufacturer of energy and cooling technology that is packaged in innovative and industrial designs. Product supply occurs within a competitive Asian supply chain and is delivered to customers worldwide. Vikinor offers a portfolio of standard products as well as a portfolio of customized products that have been tailored to meet the specific needs of various key clients.


DOWIN Surge Protectors

Dowin provides a complete system approach to the protection of communications systems and critical electronics from lightning and power anomalies. Our product offering includes AC, DC, Data line and RF protection as well as grounding accessories.




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Maintenance and Support

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IT Services


• Requirement analysis and provide solutions and improvements 

 • Systems management / administration 

  • Designing, Implementing and Operating of workstations and high availability server systems (Notebooks, Workstations and Server hardware, Storage systems and Operating systems management)

 • Network management / administration

  • Designing, Implementing and Operating of Local networks, Wide area networks, Firewalls, IPS/IDS and VPNs.

 • Security administration and auditing

  • Security assessment and Provide improvements.
  • Vulnerability assessment and Penetration testing.

 • Monitoring / Alerting of service problems and service restoration

 • Incident, problem and event management

 • User account and access control / management

 • Email, FTP and Web server management

  • Design, Implement and Continuous support (Local/ Dedicated or Cloud based)

 • CMS management (Content Management Systems)

 • Capacity management

  • Service helpdesk and on call support

  • Security updates and Patch management

  • OS patches, Antivirus updates etc.

  • Vendor management

  • Third party service providers and suppliers.

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Our main objective is providing local and international telecommunication services for Telecommunication industry infrastructure development.

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